Compare Google Drive and Dropbox

Couple of months back I was working in DROPBOX API for Civet App that is used to attach the link  for the shared content ie resume link for the job seeker and work description for the publisher. Users can upload their contents in dropbox and access the link on their smart phones to attach the document.

The API is much more simple to understand and well documented.

We implemented it successfully, now last week I heard about the google drive, a cloud based sharing service. As curiosity i requested the login and got it next day, but sorry to say the first impression was not good.

The concept is somewhat same as DROPBOX as download the app, make your shared folder and sync the document. I attached to my own account the Drive and made one separate folder and started syncing the existing documents. After sometime i checked the status of existing ones, and its horrible, some documents contain the direct link to the online version of my doc. so when i disconnected my net connection I m not able to see the contents.

Whereas in dropbox i can easily see and modify the contents and when the internet connection is available it sync the data without even disturbing my current work, anyways few points i would like to mention between two services

Email Access

Google Drive stuff can be easily accessed from the Gmail i.e. users can send the link of the Google Drive content to others in Gmail, instead of attaching files in Gmail.

In Dropbox, there is no direct way to access files through any of the E-mail services. Users have to upload their files to send others.


Google Drive is cheaper than Dropbox. It provides free 5GB storage space on the cloud to each user. Users can also upgrade their cloud to 25GB and 100GB at the cost of $2.49/month and $4.99/month.

Dropbox claims to give 18GB free storage space but for the new user it gives 2GB free space and user can get additional 16GB free space by referring others, 500MB on each referral. To upgrade your storage space, you will be charged $9.99/month for 50GB space and $19.99 for 100GB space.


Dropbox running successfully on all the platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, Smartphones and iOS.

Google Drive also runs on all the platforms except iOS. Soon, it will be available on it.

User Availability

Dropbox has started very earlier and more than 45 million people are use using it. So, there is no reason for such users to migrate from Dropbox to other cloud service.

Google Drive has recently launched and it not is open for all the users. Users firstly have to notify Google and then Google sends Email to the user when it becomes available for him.


Dropbox is not much intuitive but people are widely using it.

Google Drive is something look like Google Docs which many of you must have tried to and it also uses OCR (Optical Character Recognization) technology to read scanned PDF, Images and other files. It reads the text from the images and filters your result according to it i.e. if you are searching for Mount Everest then it will also show Mount Everest images in your search result.


In Dropbox, there is no internal security of your data i.e the data shared in dropbox is visible to everyone who is using dropbox. Users cannot share their files and folders to specific people and there is no such feature to set password on files to restrict from unauthorized access. It uses SSL AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to share data.

Google Drive allows users to share files and folders publically or with specific people and it also gives liberty to its end users to share password protected files. There is no such encryption algorithm for sharing of your data.