Getting Started with Google Cloud SQL

After long wait finally i got the google cloud sql account and developed the sample app with that

Want to share a few concepts that might be helpful for beginners

First thing you need is google cloud sql account You can apply for limited preview HERE.

Once your account is approved (within 4-5 days). you will receive an activation email to activate the account. Activate with necessary details and in API console you will find the fresh new google cloud sql service is waiting for you.

The first thing you need to do is create a new instance to access the cloud services

Fill in the necessary details along with authorized app id

App id is you Google App Engine (GAE) application id, If you dont have one you can create it HERE.

Once your instance is ready you can see the same in Google API console to manage the details

Now you can proceed with actual development. I started with Java.

You can use the google cloud sql with GAE app.

To start developing GAE app I preferred the ECLIPSE and you need the google plugin. Will explain how to create the project for google app engine in later posts.

To connect to google cloud you need to import the library

After that in JDBC just change the connection string to following

Connection c = null;
c = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:google:rdbms://google_cloud_instance_name/database_name");

and thats it.. you are done. Proceed with rest things as regular JDBC to connect to cloud sql.