How to configure the amazon relational database service to use in amazon cloud applications

This is new series where in I will explain step by step configuration of the amazon cloud servers to host and run php mysql applications


In this session I will first explain to use ARDS (Amazon Relational Database Service) and then binding the ARDS instance to get accessible from your app.


The main requirement is you should have AWS account.  Login with your credentials and go ahead to create your first ARDS db

First select RDS tab from the top menu

Then select launch new instance

Select available instances like mysql,oracle,MSSQL etc

Fill in the necessary details like instance class, storage, db identifier, username, password etc



Once selected all the necessary options the DB instance is now seen on RDS dashboard.

Next Step is to authorize access to your database

Select the db security group from the left hand side options

Possible select the default security group and grant access for application or the specific IP to access the same.

After authorized access you can now access your database

Note the EndPoint url username and password

With this credentials and security settings you can now connect to your db instance.


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