PHP class to send mail via SMTP AUTH

If anyone needs it here is a PHP class for sending mail via SMTP AUTH to the local smtp server. This can be used instead of the php mail function which is due to be turned off on the shared platforms. It’s not perfect, but it’s not too bad either: –

Class Email.php


* Class Email.php Used to send email via SMTP authentication

class EMail
  const newline = "\r\n";

    $Server, $Port, $Localhost,

    $Username, $Password, $ConnectTimeout, $ResponseTimeout,
    $Headers, $ContentType, $From, $To, $Cc, $Subject, $Message,

  function __construct()
    $this->Server = ""; // get replaced with your SMTP server
    $this->Port = 25; // replace this with SMTP Port
    $this->Localhost = "localhost";
    $this->ConnectTimeout = 30;
    $this->ResponseTimeout = 8;
    $this->From = array();
    $this->To = array();
    $this->Cc = array();
    $this->Log = array();
    $this->Headers['MIME-Version'] = "1.0";
    $this->Headers['Content-type'] = "text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1";

  private function GetResponse()
    stream_set_timeout($this->skt, $this->ResponseTimeout);
    $response = '';
    while (($line = fgets($this->skt, 515)) != false)
	$response .= trim($line) . "\n";
	if (substr($line,3,1)==' ') break;
    return trim($response);

  private function SendCMD($CMD)
    fputs($this->skt, $CMD . self::newline);

    return $this->GetResponse();

  private function FmtAddr(&$addr)
    if ($addr[1] == "") return $addr[0]; else return "\"{$addr[1]}\" <{$addr[0]}>";

  private function FmtAddrList(&$addrs)
    $list = "";
    foreach ($addrs as $addr)
      if ($list) $list .= ", ".self::newline."\t";
      $list .= $this->FmtAddr($addr);
    return $list;

  function AddTo($addr,$name = "")
    $this->To[] = array($addr,$name);

  function AddCc($addr,$name = "")
    $this->Cc[] = array($addr,$name);

  function SetFrom($addr,$name = "")
    $this->From = array($addr,$name);

  function Send()
    $newLine = self::newline;

    //Connect to the host on the specified port
    $this->skt = fsockopen($this->Server, $this->Port, $errno, $errstr, $this->ConnectTimeout);

    if (empty($this->skt))
      return false;

    $this->Log['connection'] = $this->GetResponse();

    //Say Hello to SMTP
    $this->Log['helo']     = $this->SendCMD("EHLO {$this->Localhost}");

    //Request Auth Login
    $this->Log['auth']     = $this->SendCMD("AUTH LOGIN");
    $this->Log['username'] = $this->SendCMD(base64_encode($this->Username));
    $this->Log['password'] = $this->SendCMD(base64_encode($this->Password));

    //Email From
    $this->Log['mailfrom'] = $this->SendCMD("MAIL FROM:<{$this->From[0]}>");

    //Email To
    $i = 1;
    foreach (array_merge($this->To,$this->Cc) as $addr)
      $this->Log['rcptto'.$i++] = $this->SendCMD("RCPT TO:<{$addr[0]}>");

    //The Email
    $this->Log['data1'] = $this->SendCMD("DATA");

    //Construct Headers
    if (!empty($this->ContentType))
      $this->Headers['Content-type'] = $this->ContentType;
    $this->Headers['From'] = $this->FmtAddr($this->From);
    $this->Headers['To'] = $this->FmtAddrList($this->To);
    if (!empty($this->Cc))
      $this->Headers['Cc'] = $this->FmtAddrList($this->Cc);
    $this->Headers['Subject'] = $this->Subject;
    $this->Headers['Date'] = date('r');

    $headers = '';
    foreach ($this->Headers as $key => $val)
      $headers .= $key . ': ' . $val . self::newline;

    $this->Log['data2'] = $this->SendCMD("{$headers}{$newLine}{$this->Message}{$newLine}.");

    // Say Bye to SMTP
    $this->Log['quit']  = $this->SendCMD("QUIT");


    return substr($this->Log['data2'],0,3) == "250";

The Sample code to use above class is as follows


require "email.php";

$mail = new EMail;
$mail->Username = '';
$mail->Password = 'YourEmailPassword';

$mail->SetFrom("","Sender Name");		// Name is optional
$mail->AddTo("","Guest Name");	// Name is optional
$mail->AddTo("","Guest 2 Name");
$mail->Subject = "Some subject or other";
$mail->Message = "Some html message";

//Optional stuff
$mail->AddCc("","CC Name"); 	// Set a CC if needed, name optional
$mail->ContentType = "text/html";        		// Defaults to "text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1"
$mail->Headers['X-SomeHeader'] = 'abcde';		// Set some extra headers if required
$mail->ConnectTimeout = 30;		// Socket connect timeout (sec)
$mail->ResponseTimeout = 8;		// CMD response timeout (sec)

$success = $mail->Send();


Extra notes to consider 

  • An SMTP session log is available for debugging, stored as an array in $mail->Log.
  • $mail->Headers Will NOT override To,From,Cc,Subject
  • $mail->Headers can be used to set Content-Type but $mail->ContentType will override if set.
  • $mail->Headers can be read after send to see the final headers used.

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